Rather than run a registry cleaner, you should just be careful about what you install in the first place. Even if you need to uninstall something later, a few registry entries — or even a lot of registry entries — won’t cause a slow down. If your computer is hideously slow or crashing frequently, you likely have more problems than a full registry and you’re probably better off reinstalling Windows or refreshing your PC.

The below list of fixes can help you fix registry errors in Windows 10. Microsoft Windows is a very complicated system that is capable of managing huge number of operations all at once. And similar to all complicated systems, even Windows needs a central management database to make all these operations possible, i.e. the “Registry”. The registry is the core database within Windows which stores all the settings for every single bit of your hardware, software, and user accounts. No matter what happens to your computer, it gets recorded in the registry.

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  • Think of it as upgrading from a broken version to a non-broken version, if you must.
  • In this case, cleaning those application references from the registry might solve such problems.

If you are unable to view an error message or the Windows desktop, or if the computer tries to reboot automatically, you can disable the Windows automatic restart feature. This will enable you to view any specific error messages. The most common cause of this problem is conflicting instructions from multiple programs or drivers. Installing a new program that is not compatible with the hardware or another program may cause a blue screen error. This BSOD error is one of the inevitable results of that.

The best way to clean the Registry without using a program is by placing your computer in Safe Mode. This will prevent other programs from interfering with your cleaning, becoming corrupted, or making changes to your computer. If you want to clean your Registry in an effective, thorough manner without deleting anything important, use the Registry Cleaner app instead.

You might notice that the Windows Disk Error Checking interface runs the chkdsk tool in the background. As a result, the information stored in the Error Checking event is the output of the chkdsk tool. Check Disk works pretty much the same in all Windows versions. But the screens in the steps below may look different, because we will be working with Windows 10 in this article. Even if you are using Windows 7 or 8, it should still be easy to follow. However, I will point out the differences where possible.

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Though the registry cleaners are designed to keep the valid entries of the registry intact, you should back up the registry file before you start repairing the registry. It will let you restore the registry file in case you encounter any problem after you have made changes in the registry file with the software. Any registry error, blue screen error after system restart, unable to start the application are some more symptoms of the broken registry issues. Glarysoft is a free registry cleaner software that helps scan, clean, and repair registry problems.

Part 1 How To Diagnose, Fix And Repair File System Errors Windows 8, 7, Vista And Xp

The first thing you are going to want to do is to boot into safe mode, as this is what will allow you to break the reboot loop that you are inevitably stuck in. Since it is likely that you cannot access your settings, we are going to get you to boot into Windows Recovery Environment prior to safe mode. It is an easy process to fix this Stop code error 0xc000021a permanently.

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